Systematic Naturalistic Assessment

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This assessment measure allows the client the opportunity to enact how she would typically behave in situations which she fear the most, such as the fear of abandonment. The therapist is able to play the role realistically while observing the client’s behavior. This assessment not only provides important information regarding client’s behavior, but also assessing her social skills and assertive behavior. Based on the information, Robin’s assertive behavior can appear to be aggressive as she continue to alienate her friends and family. Her inability to understand how to be assertive as oppose to being aggressive towards others, has led too much of Robin’s distress. Role playing will not reveal client’s true behavior, but provide insight for treatment. …show more content…

Through observation and recording, the therapist focuses on the predetermined overt behaviors as she naturally engages in it. Therapist would focus on physical behaviors, such as self-mutilation, devaluing and idealizing of others, and any verbal expression as it may relate to her interpersonal relationship with her husband. Therapist would be able to list her target behaviors and implement a treatment plan to counteract her defense mechanism while enforcing Robin’s coping

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