T. S. Eliot Influence On Society

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Beside a great man there’s a great woman Thomas Steams Eliot, better known as T.S. Eliot, born in London on 1888, is nowadays considered as a pioneer and great contributor to modern poetry, he even won a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1957…But did he did this alone? Anyone or anything helped him? Everything surrounding an author interferes in a positive or negative way in his work. T.S. Eliot met in 1915 a very vivacious woman, also a writer, named Vivienne Haigh-Wood, with the one he felt in love very fast and married her tree months of knowing her… Even the fact that she had emotional and physical problems. T.S. Eliot’s first wife was determinant in his work because Vivienne, with all her emotional problems, served him as a muse and also worked…show more content…
Even the moon, the ocean, the sun, etc. It’s scientifically proven and many different scientists have made tons of research in this topic… But obviously there are cases in the ones the influence or help of some factors is more evident, and so is the case of Eliot and his wife in many of his works, even he recognized it. One of the many examples that can be given to prove this is related to his most famous poem, titled The waste Land, this poem verses about the cruel and cold war is (based on his experience in the World War I) in a very particular way, because is full of allusions, more than one speaker and constantly changing from style to style, and after many critics, some positive and other negative, he admitted privately that he wrote the poem based or inspired also in his complicated life, particularly based in his troubled marriage and that the text was twice as long. This “influence” can be rated as positive or negative because yes, he had a troubled marriage, but having this kind of marriage and experiencing a war inspired him on writing the piece of art that made him famous… Without his “troubled marriage” Could he wrote this poem? Nobody knows… But it’s sure that it made it
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