THS Investigates: Serial Killers On The Loose

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The detectives, interviewed on “THS Investigates: Serial Killers on the loose”, stated the victims were either hitchhiking or in an isolated location late at night, such as a rest stop. The youngest victim was 17 years old and the oldest victim was 37 years old. The cause of death for the victims was stabbing; each one had at least 20 stab wounds. The killer’s signature on each victim included a cut to the throat. The detectives stated the cut to the throat was intended to disable the victim. The murder weapon that was used for each victim was a knife, according to, Criminal Profiler, Dr. John Philpin, a very intimate kill. The women were abducted and then disposed of in a wooded area off of a dirt road. The location of the dumpsites for …show more content…

According to detective Mike LeClair, from Vermont State Police, Lynda put up a fight due to the defense wounds that she had. The majority of women that were killed were abducted from an unknown area except for Lynda who was murdered in her own home. The detectives were able to find similarities in the other murders and established that her cause of death was also stabbing. On April 19, 1986 when Eva Morse’s body was found, Dr. Philpin knew there was a serial killer on the loose. The discovery of Eva’s body allowed investigators to include Elizabeth Critchley as a victim of the Connecticut River Valley killer; her body was found back in August 9, 1981 in Unity, New Hampshire. Elizabeth’s murder was linked to the other victims because her stab wounds fit the profile of the other cases. Barbara Agnew, also a nurse, disappeared on January 10, 1987 after stopping at a rest area. Barbara’s car was found three months before her body would be discovered, the car was found with blood spatter in it. In 1988 another victim was stabbed 27 times outside a convenience store but the attacker ran off and she survived. Jane Boroski would later identify Michael Nicholaou as the person who attacked her it (THS Investigates: Serial Killers on the Loose,

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