Tale Of Two Cities Comparative Essay

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The Tale of Two Cities is a literary master peace not only in the quality of the text but in how it captures the of frustration that people in the lower class might feel compared to the wealthiest amongst us. It also perfectly captures the essence of how revolution can at times be very violent and horrific thus showing that power corrupts absolutely. However, the biggest accomplishment that the tale of two cities archives is how parallels can be drawn in today’s events not only in France but in other countries like the United States of America. While America, and France are not in as much of a conflict as the French revolution that the Tale of Two Cities is based off, they are still taking a page or two from the book. With the current election taking place in France between Macron and Le pen one could draw parallels between both events. With Macron being the big money establishment Candidate while Le Pen is seen by many as the opposite. Macrons party is the En Marche who are considered the largest party in France and have been in power for a long time while Marine Le Pens party is Front national who are a small Eurosceptic party that has had …show more content…

An example of this is when she says, "Whatever happens, France will be led by a woman, either me or Mrs. Merkel". When she makes this statement, she is referring to the influence she feels the Chancellor of Germany has over Macron, and that his loyalties are not to the people of France. This is very much like how the people in the book feel about how the ruling class does not care about their interest, but instead of themselves and others that helped them get into power. Another quote that makes her come across as a revolutionary figure is when she says “The euro has become some kind of weapon in the hands of the European Central Bank, the European Union... I want a free

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