Tap Water And Oil Lab Essay

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Purpose The purpose of this lab was to utilize a series of tests that would determine the different properties of the tap water and oil. Density was measured using the mass of a liquid in a known volume, the specific gravity was determined by using a hydrometer, and viscosity was measured by using the weight of a falling mass to spin a cylinder completely submerged in the test fluid. The values determined from these tests could then be compared to known values to viscosity and density. Theory A fluid is defined as “a substance that deforms continuously under the action of an applied shear force or stress” (OCE Lab Manual, 2016). A fluid is different than a solid in that after the shear force or stress is removed, it will not return to its original shape. Several properties of fluids were examined in this lab. Density Density is the mass of a fluid per unit volume and can vary …show more content…

The hydrometer relates the density of the fluid to that of pure water. Procedure 4.1 Sphere Drop 1) Determine the mass of each sphere using the scale. 2) Measure the diameter of each sphere using the caliper. 3) Fill test cylinder with water and mark on it the distance where the time for the spheres to fall through will be determined. 4) Drop each sphere one by one in the cylinder and have two people record the time it takes for the sphere to pass through the designated distance. 5) Move to pre-setup tube filled with oil. Mark out a distance on the tube and invert it so that the sphere is at the top of the column. 6) Have two people record the time it takes for the sphere to pass through the distance. * Only one sphere was tested in oil; it was the one with the largest

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