Target Corporation: Implementation Plan

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4. Implementation Plan Target Corporation has an aggressive sales goal of 2-3% growth each year for the next five consecutive years. There are several strategies in place that will assist in meeting these sales goals. Target will be enhancing the guest experience through the retail, online and mobile channels. The following schedule of enhancements will be deployed and monitored over the next three years. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Retail Brand re-introduction (Style, Baby, Kids and Wellness) New promotional displays and self serve options to enhance the in-store experience Online Brand re-introduction (Style, Baby, Kids and Wellness) Customized shopping promotions based on past guest purchases New online feedback survey options to game guest experience scores and feedback Mobile Enhanced mobile application with target market strategies Linked sites for ease of checkout and product information New rewards program application enhancements Target Corporation will be expanding operations and will open 10 new Target stores focusing on the TargetExpress and City Target design in urban areas throughout the United States. The following schedule indicates the …show more content…

Target will continue to monitor all products and new store locations. The new growth scheduled in the 10 new urban locations will be reviewed for success and re-evaluated after each year to confirm the success of the growth strategy. The new product introduction of regional/local specific products will be evaluated thoroughly during both the pilot program as well as throughout the first year of the program to ensure sales a meeting the expected results to continue the program. Adjustments will be made to each program based on the success in multiple categories such as sales, guest satisfaction, and contribution to the community and corporation

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