Target Over Transgender Policy Essay

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On April 22nd an article by Reuters titled the “U.S. Conservative Group Boycotts Target Over Transgender Policy” appeared in New York Times.The American Family Association were among the first to disapprove of Target’s policy that allows employees and customers who are transgendered to occupy bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity. Target’s policy is geared towards an inclusive gendered usage bathroom system however, this idea was not shared. AFA claimed that this policy exposed specifically women and girls to sex predators because the policy "means a man can simply say he feels like a woman today and enter the women 's restroom ... this is exactly how sexual predators get access to their victims”. As an organization that supports families, they are concerned about the safety of their family but they assuming and leaving out other factors. As important as the statement AFA raised they fail to grasp other components that brought up this policy. They assume that sexual predators are men, and women are not capable of such acts. Although it may not be prevalent in the media of reports of women being sexual offenders, this is overlooked and the stance is very one sided or bias. The AFA are particularly concerned about this idea rather than Target’s initial goal which…show more content…
AFA calls for a boycott of Target. Being that Target serves many families it that places extensive pressure on their reputation. AFA just happens to find flaws within the proposed policy.The company will also face backlash for this policy because America might not be ready. Despite the passing of Gay right marriage, there is and have always been controversy over that law. Policies can be passed but everyone has their own opinions. Although Target openly supports the idea of transgender’s usage of bathrooms,they will have to face the remarks of the customers and possibly losing
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