Technology In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Technology in fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury is warning us in the book Fahrenheit 451 that technology is becoming too advanced for humanity and could bring humanity to a halt. And he also brings us to the attention that technology addiction is becoming the new form of behavioral addiction. He does this by including characters in the novel Fahrenheit 451 such as, Clarridse, Montag, And Mildred. I read an article titled, “The Social Dilemma” that talked about the addiction in technology today. And I found a quote that stated, “People are depressed because of social media.” And this connects to the character Mildred, because in the beginning of the book, she is depressed and almost overdosed on sleeping pills. And this shows us how people are unhappy in a world with this technology because everyone is too focused on their technology. …show more content…

He shows us this idea by including the character Mildred in the book as she uses seashells a lot daily. And he also shows us that technology is a problem in society by including a different character named Clarisse and her struggles at school. As she talks about her struggles in school, she claims how kids at school are too invested in their technology at school to learn and not socializing at school. And that is why she has struggles at her school. He also uses Clarrise to ask Montag a question of, “Are you happy?” and this question makes Montag think outside of the box and causes him to do important actions in the book, for example stealing books from houses and reading them. And Bradbury also adds in the robotic dog in the book to show the level of advanced technology the society

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