Technology In The Pedestrian By Ray Bradbury

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Is technology bad for people and the world around him/her? Ray Bradbury uses his stories to express problems he sees with it. All of his stories introduces characters and technology, and then goes into the bad thing the technology is doing. The future of technology is always described as being bad in all his stories. Everything is shown by characters and their society. Bradbury shows that technology is addicting, technology comes between people and other people, technology can take over, and technology is not safe.
For one thing, technology is addicting. Bradbury uses many of his stories to express that people can and will be taken over by technology. For example, in “The Pedestrian,” Mr. Mead never sees anyone outside while he is on his daily …show more content…

Technology blocks out other people in some people’s lives. For instance, in “The Pedestrian,” Mr. Mead has not seen anyone out walking in 10 years. “In ten years of walking by night or day, for thousands of miles, he had never met a person walking, not one in all that time” (“The Pedestrian”). Nobody has met Mr. Mead because everyone else blocks reality with a screen; the screen is too good to leave. Likewise, in “The Veldt,” Peter and Wendy love the nursery so much, they kill their parents. “Now the lions were done feeding” (“The Veldt”). This explains that the lions in the room attacks and eats the parents. They do not want their parents to shut down the house. They decide they would rather kill their parents than give up the house. These prove that technology has issues with the connection to the …show more content…

As stated earlier, it can cause many effects on the world. It can change the future, betray the owner, and brainwash the users. Like in “A Sound of Thunder,” Eckels goes through a time machine and scrambles the future. If technology is safe, it can fix the error Eckels made. Unfortunately, he gets killed due to the effects of his mistake. It is not worth using the time machine with the risks that comes with it. In “There Will Come Soft Rains,” even though there is not people in the story, the house can not stop the fire from spreading. If it is perfect, it could stop the fire that is produced by the falling branch. The house eventually burns down. The owner of the house obviously has the technology for some reason, and it cannot do its job correctly. In “The Veldt,” the children, Peter and Wendy, get sucked into always being around the the technology. They say they can never live without it. Wendy and Peter are so addicted to it that it is not safe for their mental state because they kill their parents, as stated

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