Ted Bundy Case Study

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Theodore Robert Cowell Bundy ( Ted Bundy ) was born on November 24th 1946. He was born in a Home for Unwed Mothers. His father’s identity was not disclosed. Till nine years of his life he lived with his mother in his maternal grandfather’s place. People who knew him expressed that he was mentally unstable and prone to violence. To avoid disgrace the maternal grandparents officially adopted Ted and gave him their name, Cowell and told everyone that he was Eleanor’s ie., His mother’s younger brother. His mother later on moved to Washington where her uncle Jack lived and later His mother married Johnny Culpepper Bundy.

Bundy could not relate to others in the normal Human Sense. He was a good student, active in Church and
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February 15th was arrested by Police officer David Lee for possession of Stolen Vehicle and was taken to Miami to be tried for the Florida State University Murders.

How Profiling helped this case?

Ever since the case of Ted Bundy was brought to questioning, lot of profiles were given by many psychologist over who might have committed such crimes. They expected someone with deranged sense, violent by nature, sadistic and probably insignificant. But what Ted Bundy was to everyone was polar opposite of what everyone had predicted. In this one can realize the important aspect every law enforcement officer, detective or anyone in the system that victimology is as equally important as finding the killer. We fail to realize that we study the victim, we know what drives the killer to do what they do.

After many deaths of innocent and unsuspecting girls, they finally realized the pattern behind the killings. Although the killings have been spread out in more than four states, it was always the same type of victims, from the inception of the killings till the very last one. It was all the same.


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