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Ted Bundy, one of the most notorious serial killer in the American history. Ted Bundy was described as a handsome and charismatic Caucasian male, with brunette hair. He was known for rapping, strangling, decapitating and killing his victims. He kept the severed head in his apartment as his own memorabilia for his psychotic work. The amount of victim he had killed remained uncertain, but he had confessed to killing about thirty victims and only one had escaped. The majority of the women resembled his college ex- girlfriend, Stephanie Brooks (Ted Bundy, n.d). He was born on November 11, nineteen forty-six, and was an illegitimate son of Eleanor Louise Cowell. He was raised up by his grandparents for a while and that thought his mother was his older sister for many years. Louise ended marrying Johnny Culpepper Bundy and took Ted to live …show more content…

He was considered a serial killer because he murder his victim one after another in a short amount of time. He targeted mostly college campuses across Washington, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Florida, Idaho states in America. College Campus was his main target because it is where he would use his cunning trait to lure the majority of his victims. He would lured his prey by pretending to be disabled, wearing a fake cast on his arm, and pretending to need help with carrying his books to his car or pretending to be an authority figure looking out for their well-beings. Once, he handcuffs them in the car, he would go to an isolated surrounding where he would either rape ,torture, and kills his victims for his own self-gratification( Ted Bundy, n.d). It is stated that he had killed about 28 women in the different states; about 10 victims in the Washington, 1 in Oregon, 7 in Utah, 5 in Colorado, 2 in Idaho and 3 in Florida (Ted Bundy, n.d). One of the youngest murders he had committed was of 12 year old named Kimberly

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