Understanding The Stereotypes Of American Teenagers

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To some, they are inspiring, capable, and revolutionary young adults, but to the rest of the world, they are the lazy, unmotivated, and an apathetic group known as teenagers. Almost all teens are defined by these standards and are thought to behave as so. However, is this really the case? Although there are many teens that fit this description, there are many more that, contrary to popular belief, are far from this depiction. Many teens are active in various organizations, volunteer in the community around them, and are determined to accomplish all that they can. These teenagers are disproving all typical stereotypes of themselves, as they are constantly striving for greatness in all of their endeavors. American teenagers every day are contradicting the idea that they have a lazy lifestyle. In recent years, statistics have shown that “79% of America’s high school students regularly participate in activities both after school and on weekends,” such as sports, clubs, religious organizations, music, and jobs (www.publicagenda.org). This data shows that well over half of all teens spend their free time dedicated to additional …show more content…

In fact, data from a 2013 study indicates that the number of teens who volunteer at least once per month has risen from 24 percent in 1991 to 37 percent in 2012 (www.childtrends.org). These voluntary acts include fundraising for charities, community clean-ups, working with kids in sports recreation programs, and donating blood (http://dosomething-a.kamaihd.net/). If teens were truly apathetic about our world, would they volunteer as they have? They are constantly recognizing the need for a positive transformation in our world and are stepping up to be this change they wish to see. Teens desire to make a difference, whether it is large or small, proving that they are concerned with the world around

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