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Teen Activism Have you ever heard of teen activism? Teen activism is youth engagement in community organization for for social change. One green planet.org tells us all it takes to become a teen activist is passion knowledge and desire to bring out change. This essay will talk about these teen activists Craig Kielburger, Alex libby, and Alex lin. Craig Kielburger Craig Kielburger is a very determined activist trying to end child labor. Craig Kielburger was born in Vaughan Canada. The article about WE charity tells us when he was twelve Craig kielburger was looking through a newspaper trying to find comics when he was stopped short by a story about twelve year old Iqbal Masih a former slave who had been murdered because he spoke out against child labor. After he read that he felt like he had to do something so he his brother and a few friends got together and tried to make a difference in child labor. In …show more content…

Living on Earth tells us that when he was eleven he came across a newspaper that talked about the dangers of e-waste(e-waste is electronic waste that is unwanted, and not working) and when he read this article he knew he had to make a difference. When they first started they found out that it was easier to refurbish the e-waste then to recycle it so they refurbished computers and gave them to people who needed them. Based on the article take part Alex and his team after they had started WIN they went to pass a bill that would combat e-waste in Rhode Island but the bill was rejected. So after coming back from congress they revised the bill then they went to the town council then to the state house then got petition signed then they passed the bill in two thousand and six. He and his friends made a group called WIN and they started small by making their first e-waste center in westerly and since then they have made seven media centers world

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