Teen Activist Qualities

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Raising awareness and standing up for the greater good, that is the role of a teen activist. A teen activist is someone who attempts to raise awareness for a cause. Whether it’s about getting a dog a home, to risking their life for others good, if it’s for the greater good and someone will do it. A teen activist always have three incredible traits; always finding some way to help, never giving up, and always doing something for the greater good. The first way a teen activist helps is because they always some way to help. Malala has this because she saw herself as one person, a person who doesn’t have anything to combat the Taliban with. She later saw her own individual weapon, her voice. She saw what she can’t do, and turned that into what she can do. Carey Faye follows this trait because she tried…show more content…
Malala has this trait because even when the Taliban put death her, she still spoke out for her and children like her’s rights. She wanted people like her to get an education. She knew that what the Taliban was doing was wrong and she stood up to them. She did what she could to change the world for the better. Carey Faye has this trait because she didn’t want to see suffering dogs, desperate for new homes. Getting a new loving home and leaving a shelter with small cage space is probably the best feeling ever, and she did that for them. She knew that would be amazing for the dogs in the shelter, so she got those dogs a home and made her community (and many dogs) very happy. Craig Kielburger follows this trait because Pakistan was having unfair rights for people with poverty, slaves and not having equal rights, and not being able to speak up. He helped to get people a better life by bringing people out of poverty, children not being forced to work, and to give people rights to make them feel like a human. He made Pakistan a better place and helped many people along the
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