Persuasive Essay On Voting Age

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I am writing in response to the article, “Labor will look at dropping voting age to 16, says Bill Shorten” (The Sydney Morning Herald, 31/9/15). I firmly believe that the voting age in Australia should be reduced to 16 years of age. Today’s younger generation are taking on more and more responsibilities therefore making them more than eligible to have their say into who is going to run their country.

In today’s society 16 year olds are capable of obtaining a job, earning their learners permit and paying taxes. These are heavy obligations with their own challenges that adults have no problem taking on, so why shouldn’t the younger citizens that are undertaking these responsibilities be able to vote? If they are thought to be responsible enough …show more content…

In Austria, where the voting age has been lowered to 16, two thirds of the 16-18 year old age group voted. This proves that if we were to reduce the voting age, it could encourage younger citizens to become even more politically aware and even inspire some to pursue a career in politics. Personally, I think it is an unfair assumption that all millennials are considered to be narcissistic when certain studies have shown that they are intensely passionate about global warming, the corrupt government of North Korea and other pressing issues affecting the whole world. Granted, you do not often see two teenagers arguing over whether this year’s budget aided global warming research or not, but these young Australian citizens have their own way of expressing their political views. They start petitions online, call out politicians on social media and even go out to protests, standing up for what they believe in. Some could even say they are more politically engaged than some of their elders who have not grown up with social media like they have. The teens of Australia deserve to have their voice heard when such important decisions are being made about their country’s

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