Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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You know what they say, “A happy event never made a good headline.” With media-obsessed teens taking over, all they see are the bodacious, overbearing headlines that will always cause an uproar in different political views. In the treacherous recent events of our great country, we are in a time where the government has a lot of control over what we see. Whether you are Democratic or Republican or otherwise, we have all seen the effects that the media has taken on recent shootings. No matter what any news reporter or instagram influencer says, gun control is not and will never be the most effective way to solve or control crime. The gun homicide rate in Chicago is about thirty people in every 100,000 residents (Chicago Tribute). How could this be? If Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, then how come this number is so high? Let’s evaluate Washington D.C. for example. With the president residing in our nation’s capital, guns are extremely important in the protection of our president. If we were to ban guns, the president would immediately become a target for many people, as he becomes just as unsafe as any other American. A common question that came up about gun control after the Florida shooting, what that of; “If the police could not approach a 17-year-old with a gun, threatening the lives of people, then how does the government expect to confiscate the guns of normal, everyday Americans?” Being that Cruz was 17 in the Parkland shooting, he obtained

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