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You know what they say, “A happy event never made a good headline.” With media-obsessed teens taking over, all they see are the bodacious, overbearing headlines that will always cause an uproar in different political views. In the treacherous recent events of our great country, we are in a time where the government has a lot of control over what we see. Whether you are Democratic or Republican or otherwise, we have all seen the effects that the media has taken on recent shootings. No matter what any news reporter or instagram influencer says, gun control is not and will never be the most effective way to solve or control crime. The gun homicide rate in Chicago is about thirty people in every 100,000 residents (Chicago Tribute). How could this …show more content…

With teens being influenced in so many directions, most feel the need to have the same socially political view as everyone else. This causes people to do things that they would not usually do. For example, at my very high school, 40 student heard about a walkout. That is all some of them heard; they did not know what it was about, or the actual meaning behind it. Some of them had knowledge beyond that, this action was to be taken in an effort to stand up against gun violence. Even with that knowledge, many chose to take it as an opportunity to skip class. To my knowledge, about 10% of these societally-swayed youth were there for their version of the right reason. An estimated 1,000,000 students participated in this action. Actions speak louder than words. The only words portrayed through this movement were “We are angry that this happened” and “We don’t like gun violence, it needs to stop.” Now, how has this generation proved themselves worthy to listen to? Eating tide pods? They have made themselves known. I can not deny that it was a large event and received a lot of media attention. It is not possible for these children to dictate lawmakers’ decisions on changing the amendments of our constitution. With their anger now known, no one has presented any logical ways of fixing it besides banning firearms all together, which I previously discussed. What law could …show more content…

It of course is upsetting when you hear that any number lives of innocent lives have been taken. Especially at the mercy of a lunatic who could not control his mental capacity to the point of going literally insane. You feel as though you have been robbed of your freedom as an american; therefore the feeling of safety, which is granted as a citizen, is threatened by people in possession of guns. Think of the families. How many kids have never come home from school. School. Over 400 families have lost members in a way no person should ever have to go. I do not know the most effective way to “control” guns, but we as civil human beings can take the correct legal actions to obtain one and treat them with the proper care and respect they

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