Protest In Society

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Is the way we are protesting today hurting our message? The first amendment is often taken as the ultimate freedom to say and protest what we want. Due to the first amendment we are allowed to have protest like the walk out a few days ago that allowed use to protest how the second amendment is affecting our society today. Manys means of protest is to rant and persuade others while I dont think this is very effective. With the freedom to protest and speak out on subjects it has brought out some distasteful hate in the world.
In the past our forefathers were not allowed to speak out against the government or its leader. There were laws put in place to discourage people for printing offensive and judgmental things towards the British government. …show more content…

This created controversy. Many came together to protest this law and petition for it to be revoked. Congress eventually repealed the sedition act in march of 1921. Congress and the people have had several disagreements about how the first amendment works. With Congress passing several laws that go against the first amendment. The people usually disagree and try to fight the law. Several court decisions have been made in cases like the Cox v. Louisiana where the court ruled that the protesters freedom of speech and assembly were violated. Throughout US history people have gathered to protest many controversial topics. In times of war protest often happen. Especially in Vietnam this was one of the most protested events in US history. The civil rights era had one of the greatest non violent protest in world history. In major past events like the Vietnam war and the Civil rights movement they were well organized and had great leaders. Though not all had the best methods of protest they were great impactful and important. During the Civil rights era Martin Luther King Jr. lead nonviolent protest throughout america. He was the focal point of major gatherings like the March on Washington, the Montgomery bus boycott, the Birmingham campaign, Bloody Sunday, and may more to help fight for the rights of colored people. He is cited as one of the greatest protest leaders of all …show more content…

This problem while not new it is still an interesting problem. Gun control a topic brought up for generations. Our society is now talking about it due to a school shooting. A 19 year old kid got ahold of an assault rifle went to his previous school and killed seven kids. This has outraged many people across america and they decided enough was enough. They want to challenge the second amendment, and put stricter gun laws in place to help prevent more mass shootings. So schools and students decided to work together to design a day for students to protest. They decide a walk out on a certain day at a certain time would suffice.This however created a problem of if you stay in school you 're pro guns and if you leave you’re anti-gun this caused problems. Many did not like the idea of picking sides in an issue that is very complex. This has made some people lose interest in the protest, because choosing one side is not as easy as people think. Especially when you are a gun owner and see the

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