The Importance Of The Second Amendment

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Is the way we are protesting today hurting our message? The first amendment is often taken as the ultimate freedom to say and protest what we want. Due to the first amendment we are allowed to have protest like the walk out a few days ago that allowed use to protest how the second amendment is affecting our society today. Manys means of protest is to rant and persuade others while I dont think this is very effective. With the freedom to protest and speak out on subjects it has brought out some distasteful hate in the world. In the past our forefathers were not allowed to speak out against the government or its leader. There were laws put in place to discourage people for printing offensive and judgmental things towards the British government. This was one cause of the creation of our nation. The colonists were tired and decided that they would add the freedom of speech to the Constitution writing it as one of the first ten amendments( the first to be precise). This gave the people the freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and to petition the government. This amendment is one of the most impactful if not the most impactful of all time. History has been affected greatly by this amendment. Many major moments in our nation 's history have included the first amendment. Our founding fathers knew its importance and wanted to guarantee that we will have the power to speak out and create change through our voices. Whether that is together or as a single man women or child.

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