Civil Disobedience Is Good For Society Essay

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I believe that civil disobedience is good for the advancement of the American society. This a simple fact which has been proven many times by history all around the world. A few examples of important historical participants and leaders in civil disobedience include Mohandas Gandhi, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and much more. Mohandas Gandhi was an Indian man who spent his life protesting the unjust anti-Indian law in Britan using, you guessed it, civil disobedience. Most importantly on March 30, 1930, when he lead a defiance march to the sea. His efforts caused India to gain its independence in 1947. This happened in the very year he went on a hunger strike. Susan B. Anthony was one of the world most famous suffragettes in American history. …show more content…

This is what he is most known for. On March 7th, 1965, martin Luther King Jr. lead a march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. When state troopers met them at the edge, this day became known as Bloody Sunday. Because of his civil disobedience, society changed a great deal. The civil rights movement took a huge leap forward in our culture. Rosa Parks is almost as well known today as Martin Luther king Jr. She was a black seamstress who lived in Montgomery, Alabama. When she was 42 years old, she sat on the Montgomery bus in the front of said bus which was, at the time, the whites-only section. The bus driver by the name of James Blake ordered her to get up and go to the back of the bus to the blacks-only section so a white man could sit. She refused to move from her spot resulting in being kicked off the bus and arrested. This resulted in a bus boycott causing the end to the segregated bus system. As you can tell, all of these examples of civil disobedience, in fact, did impact a free and advancing society. The history proves it, so why can't we continue the legacy

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