Teen Suicide Essay

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Teen suicide is a very common in the world today. Teen thinks the only to cope and relieve pain they have is to commit suicide. They feel like they cannot talk to anyone is because they wouldn 't the person would not understand. This is a way to learn the warning signs and to help the teens before they go as far as to commit suicide.
People should always look for the warning signs in a teen. Promos says “Increasing the use of alcohol and other drugs” page 1. If someone notices a teen doing this they should seek help immediately. The teen probably thinks that increasing these things will make them forget everything that is going on in their lives or make them forget at the time being. Increasing drugs and alcohol can make them feel like nothing is going on but when they are sober again everything will all come back eventually. Prokop says “Talking about wanting to die” page 1 is one of the warning signs to teen suicide. When teens say that they want someone too care and take notice of what they are saying. They want to see if anyone would care if they actually were to die because some may feel like they don’t have nobody. But when you hear a teen say this always offer to help and listen to what they really have to say and maybe there outlook will change on wanting to die. When someone talks and listen sometimes that can save a life that day because they will think that someone cares enough about them. Prokop says “teen often talk about feeling depressed or hopeless” page 1.

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