Temperance Movement Dbq

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The mid to early 1800s marked a dynamic period in America’s history. Powerful movements such as the Market revolution the Second Great Awakening gave way to new moral and socio-economic beliefs. These new found beliefs fueled a series of reform movement and earned this era the name the Age of Reforms. Although movements such as temperance restricted democracy in the US, to a greater extent, reform movements such as public education, women’s rights, and abolition expanded democracy by giving power and basic rights to women, slaves, and the lower class. Although Temperance was founded on good principles, it was not a democratic reform because it was not supported by the majority. The temperance movement was founded on popular beliefs in the…show more content…
This is stated in the Constitution of the Brook Farm Association, a 19th century organization based on furthering education and agriculture. In it the founders of the organization describe how a basic education instills invaluable moral, social, and intellectual advantages to the next generation. In short, the proposed that the widespread teaching of a broad curiculum could make a better country. Additional arguments for education reform is best outlined by William McGuffrey in an excerpt of Reader. His argument targeted anyone who opposed the movement, hoping that he could persuade them. By earning support for the movement, public schools began educating children, which gave new opportunities to middle and working class children, who were previously unable to afford an education. This all Additionally women received some schooling which gave them new responsibilities and respect. The public education system helped equalize the opportunities between the classes, and to train a smarter…show more content…
This movement gained most of its support through activists such as Elizabeth Stanton. She gave many rousing speeches, including the Seneca Falls Declaration. Here, she speaks directly to anti-suffragists explaining why the constitution justifies equal rights for women, particularly the right to vote. The expansion of these basic rights are what made this into a democratic reform. Abolition undoubtedly had the most dramatic impact on America’s history. Although abolition negatively impacted many southern plantation owners and damaged the entire American Economy, to a greater extent it expanded the rights of a large portion of the American population. This feeling was shared by the artist Patrick Reason, a well known abolitionist and engraver. He was one of many people who used his early education to spread the ideals of abolitionism, a role which was crucial to its overall success. Abolition expanded democracy in America because it equalized basic human
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