Bitter Love Tender Lies In Othello

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Bitter Love, Tender Lies Oh the deception of lies, love to be poisoned by hatred and jealousy; there is no perfect victim than the mighty Moor, Othello. Shakespeare’s play, Othello, takes place in two main locations, Venice and Cyprus. The story starts in Venice where Othello is found to be secretly married to a fair maiden named Desdemona. During this time period, Othello is a rare being for he is of African descent and the General of the Venetian military. Othello is then poisoned by jealousy by his ensign, Iago, and plans to kill the love of his life, Desdemona, because of outlandish claims. After he is confronted with the truth, it is too late, he takes his own life out of grief of killing his own wife. Although this play was made centuries…show more content…
“Oh beware, my lord, of jealousy! It’s a green-eyed monster that laughs at the person who is devoured by it. The one who is betrayed is perfectly happy, certain that he knows what lies ahead, as long as he doesn’t know his beloved has wronged him. But, oh, what tortuous moments are spent by the one who loves, yet doubts; who suspects, yet loves deeply!” Iago then explains to Othello that Desdemona is cheating on him with his lieutenant Michael Cassio, but Othello is still contemplating on whether or not it’s true. “I swear by the entire world, I think my wife is faithful, and yet I think she isn’t. I think you are truthful, and yet I think you aren’t. I must have proof.” The poison of jealousy courses through Othello’s mind, infecting everything in its…show more content…
Although he knows he’s about to kill his wife for being unfaithful to him, he still hesitates and states what he is about to do is out of love. “Be as you are now when you are dead, and I’ll kill you and love you afterwards. One more kiss and that’s the last one. There has never been anything this sweet that was so deadly. I must weep, but my tears don’t signify a change of heart. My sorrow is like heaven’s sorrow [that is, it grieves even as it punishes the sinner]; it punishes out of love.” (pg. 261). Despite Othello’s hostility towards Desdemona, she stayed true and loyal to the end by blaming herself for her own death. “I die a guiltless death. I did it myself. Farewell! Greet my kind husband for me. Farewell!” For the valiant warrior, Othello, we must all learn that there is always more than one side of the story. Othello’s mind was so poisoned by Iago’s lies about Desdemona and Cassio that in his jealous rage, he forgot to find out the truth between Desdemona and Cassio from them and other witnesses. He loved Desdemona with all his heart and soul, but his pride and his gullibleness destroyed
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