The Age Of Enlightenment

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Enlightenment is a period from the mid 17th century to 18th century. Enlightenment is also considered as the “Age of Enlightenment” and the “Age of Reason”. It is an era from the 1650s to the 1780s. It was a time period in which the people changed their views for government or it was a change the people view government. People also saw the emergence of the new ideas, new thoughts, and new cultures. These new thoughts were the outcome of the revolutions in the society, science, politics, and as well as in the philosophy. The roots of these thoughts, ideas, and cultures can be traced in the politics of the French Revolution as well as the Scientific Revolutions in the mid 17th century to 18th century. There were dramatic …show more content…

There was a transformation in the barriers of the physical and the people broke down the limitations that had been imposed on them. Enlightenment is not only about a particular social theory, rather it is a time period in which many historians developed critical consciousness about the phenomenon and they begun to propound the scientific reasons for everything. Enlightenment thoughts of universal equality and freedom for all the individuals brought the new political and social order and then the new political and social order came into existence by replacing the traditional existing social order and the hierarchical political system in France. Science got achievement in describing the natural world, promotes philosophy and also by the changes in the phenomena by the use of the mathematical formulas. Moreover the new science built its own new independent force of power or authority and challenged the old theory and practices. Enlightenment thinkers believed in the abilities, capabilities, and the intellectual power of human beings. And they believed that human beings have the systematic knowledge of the nature. Enlightenment was the period of the advancement of science as well as the tremendous …show more content…

he believed that science has the power to encourage people to lead a more comfortable and productive life. He said that in order to achieve the more productive and comfortable life, people must free from the unpredictable ways of thinking that were prevalent at that time. In other words People must develop a sense of critical consciousness towards the phenomena. Thus Bacon promoted a RATIONAL APPROACH TO SCIENCE. He considered that the people must use logical and reasonable thinking because they have the capability to think in logical way.

He published a book in which he said that in order to discover the truth of the sciences, there has to be a need of the reasons and the mathematics. Descartes was the founder or he invented the basic laws in the mathematical formulating which control all the movements of the things. And then finally he discovered the new type of mathematics that is called the ANALYTIC GEOMETRY.

The ideas of the FRANCIS BACON and RENE DESCARTES led to the development of the “SCIENTIFIC METHOD”. To solve even the most complex scientific problems, there were the simple rational steps in the scientific method.


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