The Alchemyst: The Secrets Of Nicholas Flamel

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“It says here that Dee was born in 1527… That would make him nearly 500 years old….” (pg. 29). (Nick Fleming says):“My real name is Nicholas Flamel. I was born in France, 1330. Perry’s real name is Perenelle: she is 10 years older than me” (pg. 29). The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott is like a fantasy-come-real type of story. The main characters, Sophie and Josh Newman, are twin teens simply working on a regular afternoon when John Dee, evil necromancer born in the 1500’s, breaks into the bookstore run by Nick Fleming, Josh’s boss (Sophie works across the street at a coffee shop). As Josh and Sophie soon realize, Dee is after Fleming and what he protects; the book of Abraham the Mage, and in it is a …show more content…

This novel at first seemed to me to be rather “sketchy” and lacking believable truth. I thought that this story would be like Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty, a type of fairy tale story with no real truth. I found out soon that I was wrong. The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel is not your regular, fairies and trolls, kind of fairytale. This novel is the nightmare that most fairytale’s ignore; there is no happily ever after. This story is the thrill-seeking fantasy that the twins never thought imaginable. This story is very well put together, from the amazing beasts, (“Golems, Men of Clay” (pg. 18)) to the thrilling adventures! I would recommend this book to kids of all ages 7th grade and up, because of the amazing adventure and true theme of ‘don’t forget what you believe, and always remember you are not in the battle alone’, but the story could be hard to follow if you are young. This book is also very unique because of the way that Scott portrays each characters point of view. Every other chapter or so the point of view will switch from Dee and his allies to Flamel and the kids to Perenelle’s point of view. This switch leaves you questioning what happened, causing you to read the next chapter to get back to the other characters and find out what …show more content…

176). This specific section of the book gives details that the story could do without. This quote was unneeded because the teens not being wanted was already implied, and Scott is just repeating himself. If this were out of the story all together, the flow between paragraphs would transfer better and you can get to the point of this section. Had the author used a sarcastic remark that reflected the teen’s mood or nature, then the effect would be greater. That would prepare you for what comes after that quote; “We’ll apologize if we ever see then again,’ Josh said… Playing videogames was all fine and well. When you were killed in a game, you just started again. In this Shadowrealm, though, there were no second chances” (pg.

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