The American Dream

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The American dream is the belief that, in the USA, everyone has the chance to succeed, no matter what their background is. It’s the idea that created the American nation we know today. The dream is different for every person. To some, it means a chance to live in freedom – being able to express themselves, practicing their religions, peace and safety. To most, it means financial success – a comfortable home and a good standard of living. It also provides immigrants with hope for a better life. The American dream gives everyone an equal playing field. The government provides resources for everyone to pursue their dreams. The diversity Visa lottery provided by the government is held each year where millions of people around the world play. Only the lucky few thousand people are able to go there. American is a place where people are judged by their capability of doing things and achievements instead of connections. Now it is harder to achieve the American Dream but people never give up and many immigrants still achieve their financial, political dreams there. The American society and economy had suffered from the “Great depression” when the stock market crashed in 1929 causing poverty and unemployment until the 1940s. After WW2, USA became the strongest and wealthiest nation. Other countries had to rebuild their cities while the USA was spared from the destruction. USA’s society and business had exceeded the other nations by far. After economic problems were solves and profits
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