Nonviolent Resistance In The Great Gatsby

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After WW2, USA became the strongest and wealthiest nation. Other countries had to rebuild their cities while the USA was spared from the destruction. USA’s society and business had exceeded the other nations by far.
After economic problems were solves and profits rise again, the political and social struggles shifted to survival and civil right, equality and peace. Martin Luther King Jr. was an important figure in the US civil rights movement. He was respected for his nonviolent resistance because his messages and methods were effective on the Americans. In 1960s many Americans ended the American aggression in Vietnam by participating in the peace movement.
F.Scott Fitzgerald’s dream was to eliminate the idle rich. He wrote “The Great Gatsby” and showed distaste to some characters. Characters that have affairs throw parties all the time and leave messes for others to clean up. In the book, he showed how this was wrong and should be stopped. A character, Gatsby died and no one attended his funeral. This showed how his rich friends didn’t care enough to attend his funeral. Fitzgerald was part of the idle rich and his dream relates to the class he belongs to just like Martin Luther King. He wanted change in others but also …show more content…

The long term economic trends keep getting worse. These trends would continue to destroy the middles classes unless changes are made. Good jobs are replaced by low paying service jobs. At the same time, the cost of everything goes up and its difficult for American families to be able to afford things needed. Health care and tuitions are also rising and now millions of American families cannot afford it. This may affect the next generation as potential can be wasted and many might not be able to get a job because they’re not educated enough since there’s tough competitions everywhere – most people are literate and go to schools.
There are two main conditions of the American dream. The first is during the time of exploitation and people needed another form of social organisation. They took ideas and values to realize their hopes and dreams of freedom. The other condition is economic falls leading to poverty and unemployment to millions. Those thought of the better times before and necessaries for the future to strengthen their confidence and gain

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