The American Dream In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

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The American Dream Refuted By: Keiko Tawara Per. 7 English March 24, 2018 Participles Absolutes Appositives Shifted Adjectives In, the affliction of “Death of a Salesman” the American Dream is interpreted in different ways. Willy Loman fails to achieve the American Dream considering to be successful the attributes that are needed are superficial needs. For, his false visions it is lived throughout his sons. Which variates Charley and Bernard’s vision of the American Dream since they are hard working and vigor to the success they have achieved. Refutation, unsupportive and unloyal, lied to hard workers to believe the impossible. Willy’s speculations offer that the faith of America concepts anyone who works hard and has personal imperatives is destined to succeed. Willy, a salesman, gets caught into an illusion of the American Dream. This causes Willy to think due to the poor success his family has its generated from population growth rather than the awry vision of the American Dream. “There’s more people! That’s what’s ruining this country! The competition is maddening!” (Miller, 1912). The idea of this shows how Willy had false values. From being worn out and not having a clue on how to achieve the American Dream. The self-image that has been characterized to folks around him were lies and victimized himself with it. Although, Willy was adored when he was younger; the image he had for himself was negative, let it take over his mind and started to let others show. In
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