Is The Sky Everyone's Limits Analysis

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Is the Sky Everyone’s Limit? Americans live, breathe and speak of the “land of opportunity” where no matter what the pigment your skin is, where no matter what your ethnic background is, and where no matter what religion you follow is, you can reach your dreams with some hard work. This world renown belief is called “The American Dream”, but is this just a comical statement? What is the American Dream? Just by typing in this phrase to the internet the response simply states that it is, “the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.” The American Dream is not to say that the dream of money and success is unattainable for certain people. Just…show more content…
There are steps this nation can take, some concrete steps by The Center for American Progress note in Leveling the Playing Field: How to Ensure Minorities Share Equitably in the Economic Recovery and Beyond, these concrete steps start with the continuation of a substantial economic stimulus to get the U.S. economy out of its worst recession since the Great Depression, but they also require energy security and health care reform. These additional steps can both enhance long-run economic growth and immediately buffer the economic security of society’s most vulnerable. The authors Weller and Logan only see these supporting policies listed as a way for this nation to truly move into the country we were promised decades ago. When it seems, this country has moved over social injustice after social injustice, it always seems that only the tip of the issue has been touched. The American Dream is and will always be nothing more than a dream. Since our African Americans and Hispanics are being targeted by not only police but colleges and workplaces, how are they to try to reach their dreams? A level playing field has never been played for the minorities of this nation “filled with opportunity for

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