The American Dream Research Paper

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The American dream can not be limited to one thing because everyone has a different perspective, but to me the American dream is to live freely and to be successful. I believe that the American dream is to own land, build a house, make a family, and to be successful. There are many texts that illustrate the American dream. some of the texts are Neil Diamond 's "Coming to America", Dierks Bentley 's "Home", President Ronald Reagan 's “Address to the students of Moscow University”, Dwayne Johnson’s “the American dream”, and “Teen Choice Award Acceptance Speech,” by Ashton Kutcher. Neil Diamond’s song “Coming to America” is welcoming immigrants of the 1920’s-1950’s. They were coming from countries that was not safe to live in and was trying to …show more content…

For him, being free to own a business and the freedom to put your business in your own hands. He believed in the right to choose electors and the right to freedom of religion. He said in his famous speech Address to the Students at Moscow State University, “we Americans make no secret of our beliefs in freedom. in fact, it’s something of a national pastime. every four years the American people choose a new president, and 1988 is one of those years.” (Reagan) Ashton Kutcher’s view of the American dream is to always push forward and never give up, also Working hard for things you want and living life free to be yourself. Kutcher talked about opportunity in his speech. He announced “I believe opportunity looks a lot like work”. He also stated “I was always lucky to have a job, and every job was a stepping stone to my next job and I never quit my job until I had my next job”.(Kutcher) Dwayne Johnson is an amazing example of someone pursuing the American Johnson the American dream is to be able to follow your dream. though having a rough past, he was able to follow his dream and become a huge success. By the time Johnson was seventeen, he had been in jail nine times and he wanted his life to change. Then his football coach reached out to him and helped him get on the right path. When his football career didn’t play out he went to wrestling. His career blew up and he also tried acting and that career blew up as well.

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