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In today’s society there is a myriad of different religions. These religions come with their own idea of the sacred, their own rituals, and their own followers. For this paper, the religion to be discussed is Raelism. Raelism is a very intriguing religion with many different aspects. Raelism is believed to have been started by alien scientists who came to Earth and created life here. This religion is considered to be an atheistic religion because it does not promote the idea of supernatural gods. Instead, Raelism states that all the “Gods” of the other religions in the world (Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism) are just the prophets of Raelism that were sent to teach people about the creators of the world. The scientists who created the world are called Elohim, “those who came from the sky”. The beginning of the Earth …show more content…

One way the sacred is manifested is through the Rael. The Rael was chosen by the Elohim to be abducted. In this abduction, the Elohim divulged extra understandings to Rael. After giving Rael all of this information, they sent him back to Earth to begin sharing his information with the world. Through this sharing, Rael recruited some followers, but still continued travelling the world and holding seminars about the Elohims. In the seminars Rael would teach people of how the Elohim began the world and human existence. Rael also wrote books describing the understanding that the Elohim gave him. These books are read by Raelian followers, or those wishing to become members. Through this book the sacred manifests itself to the human population. The sacred also manifests itself through the different holidays the Raelians acknowledge. In Raelism there are four dates noticed as sacred: the first Sunday in April, August 6, October 7, and December 13. All of these dates have significant meaning to the Raelians and on each day the sacred is manifested through speech, acknowledgement, and remembrance on these

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