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I read “The Bass, the River, And Sheila Mant” by W.D. wetherell. This story is about a boy who has to decide whether he wants to pick the bass or Sheila. In this journal I will be questioning and (1) G pick bass or Sheila (1) Y bass (2) R love fishing R how big and important it is R ignoring Sheila Y Sheila R attractive R crush… watches R impress her G I think he will pick the bass. I wonder if the narrator of the story will pick the bass or Sheila Mant. Bass. The boy loves to fish, it’s his favorite activity to do in his free time. He is holding on to the fish because of how big it is, and how important it is to catch. The boy is so focused on this fish that he is ignoring Sheila. He is more focused on catching the fish, than listening to what Sheila has to say. The boy might also pick the girl because he thinks she is attractive. He has had a huge crush on her. During the summer he would always watch her. He would swim and dive to try and impress her. The …show more content…

He chose Sheila because she was the love of his life. He points out all the wonderful perks about her. Eventually he ends up cutting his line with the bass attached. They get to the dance and they dance a couple times, soon enough Sheila left with a different guy. The boy was heartbroken, and he regretted choosing the girl over the bass of a lifetime. To me I get stuck in that situation all the time. Whether it’s going to a friend’s house, or making a simple, but difficult decision. One time both of my super tight friends asked me to go to their party on the same night. I thought about it for a while, than I did what seemed the most fair. I went to the one who asked me first. I get to the party it is a bunch of fun, but hearing about the other one, seemed like a blast. In the end I regretted going to the party I went to because, it did not seem as exiting. The narrator and I, can relate because we both made a decision we shortly

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