John Winthrop's War Against The Tuscarora Indians

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First of all, the Puritans were reformed Protestants from England in 16th and 17th centuries, who wanted to purify the church from Roman Catholic practices. They were dressed in simple and modest clothing; Puritans spent most of their time praying. They believed in the notion of predestination, which means that every human’s fate is known at birth. Moreover, many Puritans moved to America fleeing from religious persecution. One of the puritans was John Winthrop who participated in the activities of the parliamentary opposition. In 1629 he and several other businessmen found the solution and decided to go to New England. His arguments in favor of this risky venture were not only economic, but also religious. Being the head of the whole…show more content…
The first war, which began with the murder of 347 white settlers by Indians, lasted a total of 12 years (1622-1634). It was followed by the Pequot War (1636-1637), King Philip’s war (1675-1677), the war against the Tuscarora Indians (1711-1712), and others. The wars continued until the end of the XIX century and ended only after the formation of reservations. The area of Indian settlements was defined then through the new legislation in the United States. As a result of the wars with the Indians, more than ten New England cities were partially or completely destroyed and the losses among the colonists reached thousands of…show more content…
They had temporary owners, who were not interested in preserving their lives and health after the expiry of the contract. At any attempt to escape they were subjected to the most ferocious punishments, down to the death penalty. At the end of the contract period, which was usually during seven years, servants received clothes, a musket, and a little money. By the year 1610 in Virginia were brought about 500 settlers. But later, by the spring of that year, only 60 of them had survived. Moreover, those 60 survivors could hardly move; they were besieged by the Indians, and constantly quarreled with each
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