The Pequot War

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The Pequot War was a fight that lasted from July 1636 to September 21, 1638. The people that fought were the colonials, in Plimoth and Massachusetts Bay colonies, and Indians in the area, mostly the Pequots and their tribute tribes. The main beleived cause for the war was the struggle of the English to control the Dutch-Pequot monopoly of the fur trading. There were also other incidents that increased the tensions between Indians and colonials, such as when the Indians killed John Oldham, livestock were destroying the Indian's crops, and the Dutch killed Indians that were at one of the Dutch's trading posts, The House of Hope. Other tribes joined the English once the fighting had started because they had a quarrel with the Pequots. This move …show more content…

The settlers decided to raise an army composed of 90 men, so that they could go to the Pequot's village and apprehend the killer's of John Oldham and his company. When they landed on Block Island the army killed around a dozen Indians, then burned down the village and their crops. Afterwards, John Endicott, the army's captain, sailed to another Pequot village and demanded tribute. Angered by the attack on their villages, the Pequots attacked Saybrook Fort from September 1636 through mid-April 1637. They attacked any soldiers or other groups that strayed too far from the fort, burnt down fields of crops, and killed cattle. The Indians tried to cut of all river traffic from the upriver Connecticut colonies. Stated by " The Pequot War" (2017)," the Pequot pursued various diplomatic initiatives with neighboring tribes to enlist their aid against the English, including overtures to the Narragansett, their traditional enemies. This effort failed due to mistrust and years of warfare between the Pequot and Narragansett. The Narragansett then entered the Pequot War on the side of the English." (paragraph 19) The Pequot's pursuit for more allies in the war ultimately failed because of the years of mistrust from all the other

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