The Bernie Mac Show: Dysfunctional Patterns Of The Extended Family

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Sitcom: The Bernie Mac Show It almost appears that the nuclear family as we know it be, is slowly shifting into the blended family. Look around and you will see cultures, races, and genders part of what is considered the extend family. The extended family consists of relatives living in one household, or close to one another. The extended family is not isolated to any one ethnicity. It is becoming increasingly common all over the world. There is much to be learned from this type of family. The Bernie Mac show is about an upper middle class African American Couple, Bernie, and Wanda Mac. They literally become parents overnight to three kids who have emotional baggage from dysfunctional family situation: 13-year-old Vanessa, 8-year-old Jordan …show more content…

There was drug abuse, and a father who went to prison. It is obvious that that the family environment was dysfunctional and unhealthy for the children. Resulting to the children moving in with their Uncle Bernie Mac. The show portrayed no physical, alcoholism, substance abuse, physical abuse, sexual or verbal abuse on the show. Often time, there is a generational pattern of negative behaviors. If nothing is done to help avoid repeat patterns, the cycle of destructive behavior continues. The benefits of Bernie Mac taking in his sisters three children, are invaluable. The children are now exposed to a healthy family environment, they are in private school, and are witnessing at an early age what a health family is like. The negative cycle of behavior is in the process of being broken. Religious …show more content…

Their father was sent to prison and their mother entered drug rehabilitation. These children are most likely suffering from something. There was a Bernie Mac episode called Sweet Home Chicago, part 2, where Vanessa the eldest, reaches out to her mother. In the show Vanessa speaks to her mother and tells her she needs her. He mother agrees to come see her. Vanessa waits all day into the night, the mother never shows up. Vanesa is 13 and is in the adolescent stage of development. That experience will most likely have an affect on her. Thei type Instilling a strong spiritual foundation can help to provide guidance, and understanding is where parental guidance and the understanding of the importance of a religious foundation can help. Especially during the adolescent years of development as they grow. Teach your children to choose the right path, and when they are older, they will remain upon it, Proverbs 22:6. That scripture speaks to the importance of a spiritual foundation. There are many benefits to having a Christ focused

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