The Birth Of Jesus Research Paper

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Born in the city of Nazareth in Israel, Mary was a young holy woman that was born without sin. During her life, she had a cousin named Elizabeth which, she was very close too. Her mother, Ann, and her father, Joachim, were her parents. Mary is called the blessed virgin Mary. One night she was asleep and was woken up by an angel named Gabriel. She was surprised to hear that she was pregnant and going to carry a baby that was the son of God, named Jesus. Mother Mary, later on, went to marry Joseph which will be a Jesus biological son. Joseph was not mentioned much in the bible after that, all we know is that he was not around when Jesus was in his mid 20’s. Mary was born without sin, so she was holy. She could’ve chosen to …show more content…

He performed many miracles and saved lives of people throughout his life. Like most mothers, Mary loved her son very much and was heartbroken to know that her son was going to be crucified for supposedly being the Messiah. The Romans did not believe Jesus so they killed and crucified him. Jesus was about 30-years-old when he was crucified. Mary wanted to help Jesus, but couldn’t because she knew what God had ordered Jesus to do. Jesus had to be crucified so that he could save every human being that was alive. Mary sobbed when Jesus was taken off the cross because she lost her son. Many of Jesus’ friends or disciples were there with him watching Him being crucified and taken off the cross. After Jesus took his last breath, he was taken into a tomb where he was set and laid on, there were 2 guards behind the tomb holding it so no one could go in or come out. This was ordered by Pontius Pilot. Jesus died on a Friday, known as Good Friday and he rose from the dead on the third day, which was a Sunday, known as Easter Sunday. Mary was filled with joy to know that Jesus was risen from the dead and was back. Holy Mary is praised by many Christians and loved very much. She is mentioned and said in prayers like the “Hail Mary.” Mary never really died. Rather, she was taken to heaven by Jesus. We know this as the Assumption, where she was taken to heaven and sits on the left hand of the father. She is also referred to

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