The Body Keeps The Score Summary

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The Body Keeps The Score, is about different patients the author Van Der Kolk had during his medical practice years and research he collected throughout most of his life. He discusses different types of traumatized patients, such as war veterans, raped victims, the loss of a child or children, as well as living with an alcoholic, drug user parents, and even children who their parents neglected, beat, or and molested. He also talks about different research and scans done to help understand the brain of traumatized people and the different parts of the brain affected by a traumatized event. The way the right and the left side of the brain is affected by breaking the connection between the two and how is necessary to have both sides working together so that one can be aware of what is happening at the moment and that what they are experiencing and reenacting happened in the past. As well, as different ways patients can treat themselves either by taking pills which do not help as a long term or by running, doing yoga, meditation, massages, and other physical activities, but Dr.Van Der Kolk explains how most people take prescribed drugs because it is much easier than doing physical activities. He also states that drugs nor therapy were shown to help children who had experienced early traumas. Dr. Var …show more content…

As well as, different types of ways solutions to help with PTSD, but the best way is to get help.In addition, it explained the actions that happen to people who experience a traumatic event. It also gave me a better idea of different types of traumas, such as being neglected by your parents, being young and witnessing something terrifying such as a terrorist attack, as well as witnessing your mother get beaten by a stranger and taken away. Finally, I can now explain how traumas affect the body, brain, and

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