The Book Thief Character Analysis

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Michelle Nkansah.
The Book Thief
Part A:
Movie Title:
• The Book thief
Movie Director:
• Brian Percival
• Miramax
Year film was released:
• 2013
Movie Characters:
Liesel was the main character/ protagonist of the movie. Throughout her life she goes through a lot. After losing almost everyone in her family (her brother, her father due to his love for communism, and also her mother,) her attitude changes. Liesel was on a train to go to live with her new foster family, when she heard about the loss of her brother. After all the pain and losses. Judy becomes a more sympathetic loving person. She also becomes very vulnerable, but with the great kindness her new foster family shows her, she begins to open up. Through the pain and losses in her family, she begins to get motivated and is able to stick up for herself and others for what she feels is right. (Her father was killed because he felt communism was right). As Liesel grows up, she begins to re-evaluate her life, and creates a set of moral rules for herself instead of what society dictated for her. Liesel then begins to understand that her mouth (language) could be a blessing and a curse, and living under the control of the Nazi’s it changes her views on life. After books she reads, writes and steals, she learns more about herself, she evolves from a “powerless” character to a powerful character who can change the lives of many.

Rudy is the boy who seems to have a “crush” on Liesel. He is shown as a
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