The Causes Of Car Accidents

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In this article we are going to be talking about how pedestrians in Georgia get in the way of car accidents and how it can be avoided. It is reported that 10% pedestrians were killed in car crashes during 2015-2016. These pedestrian accidents could occur for a number of reasons, bit in many cases it is the driver of a vehicle who is at fault. Legal action can be taken by the pedestrian or the loved ones of the pedestrian who may have been severely injured or killed by the crash, against the driver of the vehicle. A wrongful death claim can be filed in this case depending on the nature of the injuries sustained by the pedestrian at the time of the car crash. A pedestrian accident claim can be filed at a Georgia pedestrian accident injury lawyer who is experienced and who will be representing your case. Here are some ways of how pedestrian accidents may occur: • Pedestrians who cross out or away from crossing lines • Drivers who do not follow traffic lights • Distracted drivers whose focus is on something other than the road • Drivers who go off the road • Pedestrians who are not vigilant about looking both ways before they go on the street • Pedestrians or drivers who are under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicants It is therefore a two way street, where both the car driver and pedestrians are at fault in causing pedestrian wrecks. But in most cases it is the drivers who are actually at fault when an accident occurs due to negligence on their part. The driver at

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