The Causes Of The Mexican-American War

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The Mexican-American war was a very conflicting and interesting event that shared different point of views between both sides abd that took place between 1846-1848; which was ultimately sparked by a few short and long term causes. As background details, we who study history, we must know that throughout America 's existance, they are seen as a great rising nation and to eventually be seen as the giants around the world, Which in this particular event, the U.S. Was seen as a rising in greatness nation. This leading to the first long term cause of the American- Mexican war; to fully understand the American-Mexican War we must comprehend the tension that American and Mexicans had going in dispute of the territory…show more content…
(colonizing Texas, Pg.5) However before this, there was a settlement of Americans due to a Missouri man Austin, who successfully granted a petition from the Spanish in allowing three-hundred Americans with the excuse of only settleing Texas to to grow cotton and sugar. However it could not happen due to Austin dying in 1821, and Mexico gaining its independence from the Spanish. In that event, Austin 's son approched the now Mexican government to seek his father 's mission in setteling Texas. The now Mexican government granted this petition also, but the Mexicans included conditions; the Mexicans gave Stephen a part of land in Texas where he founded the town of San Felipe De Agustin. These conditions coming from the Mexican government Pg.2 included; the American settlelers must practice catholosim, follow Mexican law, and be good persons of good will. Of course the recently free of Spanish rule Mexico had likewise intentions as the Americans to grow as a great nation. So they Allowed these Americans settelers thinking they…show more content…
Belived that obtaning western territory was a God given right based on race supremacy, that the white race was chosen by God to dominate and expand to the Pacific Ocean. More on this long term cause which was the Manifest Destiny; its said to be a concept coming back from the Puritans that Americans kept in mind and was ultimately a justification practiced by Southerners to grow slavery which Mexicans tried eliminating in Texas. Finally, the last short term cause that may of caused the American-Mexican war is the simple fact of practice of racism in a uprise and the simple fact of being a very different country. President Polk is said to have despise Mexicans, he did not tolarate or liked them at all. Polk and most of the Americans viewed the Mexican race as worthless and like something Pg.5 out of this world, because they were a mix between Spanish and Indians. Thus, leading to the different ways the United States and Mexico had grown and developed. Meaning that on the

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