The Century Quilt Literary Techniques

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In “The Century Quilt” many different techniques show the different attributes of the Century Quilt. The poem is in chronological order (Deleted end of the sentence), beginning with the blanket that she had before the Indian quilt, then continues to how she now feels with the new quilt. (Deleted beginning sentence) Enjambment emphasizes (Deleted end part of the sentence). like in stanza 13 when it is said “Now I’ve found a new quilt (break), I’d like to die under”. (Deleted beginning of the sentence) The emphasis on the word quilt is important. Before that she had a blanket, so the emphasis on the word quilt shows the change that has occurred.

Not only does Marylin Nelson Waniek the author of “The Century Quilt” use enjambment to show the meaning of the Century Quilt, (Deleted first part of the sentence) different forms of imagery are also evident. Line 10 says “How we used to wrap ourselves at play in its folds and be chieftains and princesses”, this is imagery because one can picture a little girl actually wrapping themselves in this blanket and becoming something different while being in it. This stanza is also important to the poem …show more content…

At the end of the second paragraph there is a stanza break from the word “princesses” to “Now I’ve found a quilt” from line 13. This stanza break is significant because it shows the change of tone of the speaker. In the first paragraph one can see a caring tone. Shown when the speaker says “Meema” which shows that the speaker must have really cared for their grandmother in order to call them such a caring name. Then in paragraph 2 there is a change of tone to excitement, shown in line line 14 when it says “ I’d like to die under”. The speaker goes from talking about childhood memories to talking about how she has now so easily traded the old blanket for this new Indian

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