The Century Quilt Poem

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In the poem “The Century Quilt” by Marilyn Nelson Waniek, Waniek is able to craft a complex, contemporary poem using a variety of literary devices. Through enjambment, imagery, and chronological succession, Waniek describes the complexities of her quilt and reflects on it’s beauty and uniqueness. In lines 1-2 of “The Century Quilt” Waniek uses enjambment to start her poem with ambiguity and suspense. In addition, her use of enjambment slows the pace and forces the reader to digest each line as an individual thought, rather than a cohesive statement. In turn, the slowed pace and ambiguity of the opening couplet offers a preview to Wanieks unique style and syntax. Further, the couplet is as a strong example of the complex structure Waniek

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