Summary Of The Shirt By Robert Pinksy

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In the poem “The Shirt” by Robert Pinksy, the author conveys that his article of clothing has historical value. The poem starts with imagery with the creation of the Shirt in a sweatshop. Then proceeds to take the reader to experience the tragedy at Triangle Factory. During this story, the author makes the imagery connection with the man stepping off the sill and how his clothes reacted in the wind. Additionally, Pinksy uses diction to convey this message. He uses many cultures such as: Koreans, Malaysians, Scottish, and Irma. With the use of diction, Pinksy also used words with negative connotation. Stated by Pinksy, “The hoax of Ossian” and “As slaves in Calico headrags sweated in fields”. He referred to many tragedies that have happened
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