The Character Stereotypes In The Movie Mean Girl

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Stereotypes are seen all throughout history in films and television. With all of the character tropes that began to make an appearance in films, most characters were thrown into a certain box with a checklist of criterias that they had to fit. Character tropes are especially seen in movies with a high school setting due to the overwhelming pressure of fitting in and the cliques that seem to ring true in real life. In most high school movies there is almost always a teacher's pet, jock, stoner, geek, and most importantly a mean girl. A mean girl trope is very common in high school movies and they are usually one of the most relevant characters to the plot of the movie. Although there are a variety of iconic mean girls throughout films, they …show more content…

This is really solidified in films through the other characters' comments on the mean girl's appearance. Other characters are always drooling over the mean girl, playing a strong part in her desirability, which is one of the most notable traits of the classic mean girl in movies. Everyone always wants to be her or to be with her. In addition to this, everyone becomes easily influenced by the mean girl. This is strongly portrayed in the movie Mean Girls (2004). In this movie, the main character, Cady, moves to a new school and befriends the group of popular girls. Throughout the film, Cady is trying to ruin Regina George’s, the main mean girl’s, reputation. Cady agrees to do this on behalf of Regina's former friend Janis. Janis has a hatred for Regina because she spread hurtful rumors about her in the past and ruined their friendship. In one of Cady’s attempts to sabotage Regina, she decided to cut holes in Regina's shirt during gym class. Unembarrassed, Regina still decided to wear the shirt around with the holes in it. Everyone saw Regina wearing the shirt around and thought it was a new fashion trend and that it must be cool because Regina was doing it. In only a few hours, almost all the girls in the school decided to cut holes in their shirts as well. This just shows the influence and desirability that mean girls have in

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