The Charge Of The Light Brigade Analysis

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Ridiculous? Courageous? The Light Brigade of six hundred men with horses and swords charge into a war zone surrounded by cannons and weapons. In Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poem and Richard Caton Woodville Jr.’s illustration, “The Charge of the Light Brigade” the author and illustrator both have opposed perspectives. The author uses imagery, diction, and tone to express his respect towards the 600 soldiers who courageously charged towards battle. Meanwhile, the illustrator of “The Charge of the Light Brigade”, uses mood, symbolism, and imagery to show how ridiculous the 600 men were.

In the poem, Tennyson use tone, imagery, and diction to prove his feelings towards the soldiers. First, the author uses imagery to import an image in the readers head of 600 fearless soldiers charging into war with cannons all around them. “Cannon to the right of them, cannon to the left of them.” The author is trying to give the readers a heroic image of the men by writing statements like “Boldly they rode and well” and Honour the charge they made!” This gives an image of brave soldiers riding through war like heroic-figures. The author uses diction to help express the imagery of the poem. Using words like “boldly” and “hero” exposes the author’s feelings of honor towards the “Light Brigade”. The diction helps Tennyson express his respect because it allows him to talk highly of the men, therefore, exposing his respect for the men. The imagery and diction he uses connects because he used his

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