Pro Life's Arguments Against Abortion

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The simple dictionary definition of abortion is: the termination of a pregnancy by removing an embryo or fetus from the womb. However, the debate involving abortion is anything but simple. For decades this topic has been heatedly debated to no avail. In the 1970s, the landmark case Roe v. Wade determined that state laws banning abortions (in a woman’s first trimester of pregnancy) is unconstitutional. However, this case did not settle anything; in fact it intensified the fight between the “pro- life” and “pro- choice” advocates. As the years passed, pro-life advocates have continued their lobbying in hopes to give the unborn rights, but the measures have never gotten enough support. “Pro- life” advocates argue that no one has the right to play …show more content…

However, “less than one out of ten women who have had abortions were not using any form of birth control when they became pregnant” (Pollitt 14), meaning that most women got pregnant during the use of a method of birth control, that just did not work properly in their favor. Only a very small portion of women who have had abortions admitted to not using any form of birth control when they became pregnant. Abortions cost around “$350-$500 in the first trimester, and increases as a woman progresses through the pregnancy” (Pollitt 14), therefore it is highly unlikely that a person will spend that much money just to prevent a pregnancy. Methods of birth control are “cheaper, easier, less painful, and more readily available” (Pollitt 15) than abortions. Refusing women to have access to abortions compel women who did not intentionally become pregnant to have children they did not yearn …show more content…

Abortion takes away unwanted pregnancies from women who would suffer otherwise from the stress and trauma of carrying a child for nine months. Pro- life supporters refuse to see a woman’s situation, reasons, and benefits for getting abortions before assuming cruel things about them. They are ignorant to the reason why many women choose to make the decision they do. Clearly, abortion should remain legal in America; it may seem immoral, but it is frequently the best decision for people put in that situation. Even so, a fetus cannot be compared to a living human being. A fetus only has only simple organ systems; therefore, it is simply impossible for a fetus to prolong life out of the mother's body. It cannot think nor breathe; it does not have a personality, or emotions. It is not considered a person until it is born, thus abortions are not the act of killing babies. Saying that a woman has to suffer with the consequences of having sex and making her keep the burden of a child is wrong. Making women live with the decision and forcing her to mess up the rest of her life, as well as possibly the baby’s life, is unreasonable. Pro- choice advocates make it their job to defend and protect the people; ultimately a woman’s life would be affected and no one else’s, why should the government be able to take that away from the people? In this current

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