The Code Of Honor In The Iliad

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The Iliad, a poem written by Homer, almost 3000 years ago is known as a classic in the world of English literature today. This epic poems storyline revolves around the Trojan War fought between the Trojans and Greeks. Many characters are introduced throughout The Iliad, but there are two characters that stand out from the rest. These two archetypal characters represent and embodies the values their society admires and aspires to. These heroes follow the heroic code, a code which consists of having qualities of a leader, fighting for arete, and having the ability to accept his fate. We see these characters grow and develop as they make difficult choices and face conflicts throughout the poem. Homer uses Achilles, the best Greek warrior and …show more content…

Hector and Achilles both strive for arete and honor, but they have very different intentions and motivations behind this. Hector fights for honor for all Trojans, and to protect his family from falling with Troy. He expresses his feelings of a need to fulfill his duties in Book 6 Extract J ADD QUOTE NEAR LINE 155 OF EXTRACT J. Achilles, on the other hand, fights more for personal honor and glory. He could not bare to think of his name being forgotten. This is what drove him to become courageous and fight in the war, abandoning his other potential fate, where he could have lived a long happy life. WHEN DOES ACHILLES CHOOSE TO FIGHT IN WAR? EXTRACT Q AROUND LINE 64 Achilles also joins the Trojan war again to avenge his best friend, Patroclus. Instead of feeling dutiful like Hector, Achilles was driven by grief and madness when he made this choice. What drives Achilles to fight is more personal. For an example, he refuses to fight in the war after Briseis, his symbol of pride, was taken from him because his pride had been tarnished. Achilles only fights for himself, while Hector fights for those he

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