The Complex Story Of Oedipus The King

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Oedipus the King, translated by Thomas Gould, is a very interesting and complex story. Throughout this mythical story of incest and patricide, Oedipus tries to find and expose the killer of King Laius. Little does Oedipus know, it was he who killed the former king of Thebes. In the beginning of the play, citizens of Thebes beg Oedipus to lift the plague that threatens to demolish the city. Oedipus sends his brother in law, Creon, to the oracle to learn what needs to be done. When Creon returns he announces that the oracle said to find the murderer of King Laius. If they discover the murderer it will end the plague among the city. Oedipus calls for Tiresias, a blind prophet, but he refuses to speak. Tiresias ends up accusing Oedipus himself …show more content…

Even though it seems like Oedipus hates him, Oedipus trusts Tiresias deeply. Oedipus wanted to talk to Tiresias personally because he cares about what Tiresias has to say. The citizens and Oedipus himself know that Tiresias is equally, if not above, earthly kings. Tiresias comes against his will and does not backdown when threatened by Oedipus. He stands unflinching before the fury of King Oedipus. Tiresias’s devotion to the truth is powerful and even admirable. He brings a different atmosphere into the city of Thebes. The conflict in between Oedipus and Tiresias keeps the audience interested. Oedipus gets angry because Tiresias wIll not reveal the murderer of Laius. It is very clever to use this scene to show Oedipus’s temper because this side of him has not been shown. If they did not show this scene the audience/reader may not believe Oedipus is capable of the murders at the crossroads. It’s like Tiresias makes Oedipus angry on purpose so the audience/reader figures out the truth without him actually saying it. W. J. Verdenius quotes, “Tiresias is at once a traditionalist and an exceedingly clever man.” Tiresias’ ironic behavior and attitude towards revealing prophecy makes him symbolic to the

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