The Controversial Case Of Nicola Sacco And Bartolomeo Vanzetti

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Case of Sacco and Vanzetti Have you ever faced injustice or think people are against you because of your race? Have you been infuriated and think people just blow off racism? Have you ever felt as if the injustice system is broken? Two Italian immigrants who were anarchists named Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti faced injustice. In their controversial case, Sacco and Vanzetti an unfair trial and sentence because Judge Webster Thayer allowed his prejudice belief to sway the conviction. Nicola Sacco immigrated to the United States at the age of seventeen with his older brother. Nicola Sacco, originally named Ferdinando, took on his brother’s name to honor him. Sacco found work in a shoe factory in Stoughton, Massachusetts. He got married and started a family. Sacco also became involved in left-wing politics and at one anarchist gathering …show more content…

The son of a farmer, Vanzetti immigrated to the United States at the age of twenty-two. Vanzetti lived a very lonely life. No family left to write too. Vanzetti settled in Plymouth, worked as a fish peddler (Zandy 44). Witness insisted that an Italian man with a short mustache drove the getaway car, which matches most Italian men. The men in the car, described as Polish, with pale skin, in which Sacco as tan skin. Both defendants offered alibis, which supported, by several witnesses. Vanzetti testified that he sold fish at the time of the Braintree robbery. Sacco testified that he applied in Boston for a passport at the Italian embassy. Judge Thayer decided to deny may witnesses because of their race, Italian. Two men, robbed and killed, while transporting the company's payroll in two large steel boxes to the main factory. The security guard got shot four times. The paymaster got shot two times. The robbers escaped with the money and in a Buick. Sacco and Vanzetti, contained on May 15 for the Braintree Murder and

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