The Cost Of Survival Analysis

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No one should ever put themselves in harm 's way. Most of the time people don’t know what they are doing. Most people try things and try to attempt many reckless and dangerous things without knowing exactly what they are doing in those situations. That’s why you are responsible for your own actions in a life-or-death situation.
Many detrimental situations that people come across or suffer from happen because of deficient judgement and awful decisions, including not thinking twice about their actions, that cause the situation to occur.
For example, someone once tried to access a piece of toast out the toaster with a knife as a dare for money, without thinking about what might happen when putting that metal knife into the toaster trying to acquire the toast, then when he stuck the knife in the toaster, the toaster exploded immediately when the knife came in contact with the inside of the toaster, and as a result of the explosion, he was sent to the hospital, likewise
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Other examples of careless choices people can make to elicit themselves in trouble or in an atrocious situation
In “The Cost of Survival”, More than 1,600 of those emergencies may have been caused by risky decisions.” Stated in paragraph
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In addition, another perilous situation that can happen climbing Mt. Everest is a great possibility of some people catching hypothermia due to all the exposure to below average and extremely cold temperatures as we know Mt. Everest can be very cold year round, likewise to the Yukon wilderness the main character from the story, “To Build a Fire” is when the main character is warned of how cold it can get in the country, but didn’t listen and laugh at the old man from Sulphur Creek in paragraph 15, but would later realize he should 've taken the old man from Sulphur Creek’s word a little more seriously later in the
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