The Beekeeper Rescuing The Stolen Women Of Iraq By Dunya Mikhail

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If someone is in need of help you help them. Many may think it’s an obvious answer. It’s what's right, it’s what you do. In the book The Beekeeper: Rescuing the Stolen Women of Iraq by Dunya Mikhail, Mikhail explores the lives of many victims of ISIS and how they were affected by this terrorist group. Mikhail writes about a man who gathers a small group of people who use their prior knowledge to help these women to escape ISIS. Many people believe that it is unrealistic to help someone in a critical situation if it puts themselves in danger; however there are both good and bad consequences that lead these people to decide whether making the bold decisions of helping others, even if it puts themselves at risk, would be worth it in the end. How …show more content…

CBC Radio expands on the impact that Abdullah had on the woman he rescued and the reputation which was created for him. CBC Radio writes, “‘It starts with a call,’ explains Mikhail. Enslaved women reach out to relatives looking for someone to help them. ‘Now that they all know that Abdullah is rescuing people — that he is succeeding, he's making great success in bringing the women back — they call him,’ she says” (CBC). Abdullah risked his life to save hundreds of women and not only did this have a great impact on the woman but it also had a great impact on Abdullah. CBC also writes, “‘When rescuing the women, Mikhail explains, Shrem stays with them ‘step-by-step’ as they travel. When the women meet their families at a border, 'The Beekeeper' is always there. ‘He never missed any meetings like that … he would cry with the family every time,’ she says” (CBC). Being able to see these women reunite with their families and knowing that people are recognizing what he is doing and coming to him when they need help makes Abdullah feel that what he is doing is actually helping and providing him with the reassurance that the risks of this task really do pay off. In the book Dunya Mikhail writes, The Beekeeper: Rescuing the Stolen Women of Iraq, she explores the stories of different women who were rescued from ISIS by Abdullah Shrem. Mikhail writes the quote, “When she was done, she took her baby back, thanked Abdullah, and said ‘I feel uncomfortable leaving my child with someone else, even if it’s only for a few minutes. I imagine he’ll disappear from right under my nose,” (Mikhail 124-125). Mikhail really expands on the reputation Abdullah has created for himself. In this quote this woman is saying that Abdullah is the only man she trusts with her child because of what he

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