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The Cree Indians originated in North America. This very large tribe lived in many locations. Some including the Rocky Mountains and throughout Atlantic Coast. Some even resided and hunted Canada, heavily populating the provinces of Quebec and Saskatchewan ( pg.n) Cree Indians ate many different foods. Meat, fruit, and vegetables were all very common in a Cree diet. Buffalo was by far, the main source of food.( pg.n) Women and children collected berries and other small fruit that were eaten dried and fresh.( pg.n) Fishing was common and very popular way of hunting for these Indians, like many others.( pg.n) The steps involved in preparing Buffalo meat was to…show more content…
Because buffalo was so plentiful, they were hunted most often. Making buffalo a big part of Cree Diets. Nomadic bands would follow the migration of buffalo, so that they always had food. Moose and Elk were also hunted occasionally and eaten. Wolves, lynx, coyotes, and rabbits were caught with traps the Cree would use to catch smaller game. Catching an eagle and obtaining the feathers was a great reward.( pg.n) It symbolizes honor, strength, and power. If they were given a feather it was treated as a gift and taken care of, if hidden, it would be a sign of disrespect. An Indian warrior’s sacred possession would be their warrior shield. It is “made out of toughened hide and painted with a personal symbol”( pg.n) Clothing for the Cree Indians was simple. A breechcloth was wore by men that was wore between the legs and tucked over a belt. It is a long rectangular piece of tanned deerskin, cloth, or animal fur. ( pg.n) Leggings were commonly worn to give their legs protection. The Crees wore moccasins and cloaks or ponchos in bad weather. Buffalo robes were also worn by both men and women during every season. (…show more content…
It was easy to pack up and move to a different location.This benefitted them because they lived in a nomadic lifestyle. Tipis are made out of bison hides. The woodland Cree Indians lived in a different shelter called the wigwam. It was made of birch bark. It was made with materials around them so it was a simple shelter for them to build. Many families lived together in the wigwams and tipis. “Today, tipis and wigwams are only used for ceremonial purposes, not for shelter. Most Crees live in modern houses and apartment buildings, just like you.”(

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