The Crucible Blame

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“The Crucible” is about the Salem witch trials in 1692. Several young girls claim to be afflicted by witchcraft. Mrs.Ann Putnam only has one child causing her to feel calamity. When the witch trials started she was ascertain and blamed her children’s deaths on the witchcraft instead of facing the facts that the children died from health issues, and feels she is immaculate. Mrs. Putnam used witchcraft charges as an excuse to blame others for her struggles with not having more children. Mrs. Putnam accuses Rebecca nurse for the witchcraft against the deaths of her children. The reason why she accused Rebecca nurse was because Rebecca nurse has 11 children and 26 grandchildren. “ I think she’ll wake in time pray calm yourselves. I have eleven …show more content…

She blames others for her children’s deaths. For example the blamed Rebecca nurse and Tituba. “Reverend Parris, I have laid seven babies born. And yet, each would wither in my arms the very night of their birth.”(Applebee et al. 173). Mrs. Putnam doesn’t realise that the reason of her children’s deaths could just be her fault or health issues. So when the witch trials started she believed the deaths were caused by witchcraft. When Mr. and Mrs.Putnam visited Betty they noticed that their daughter was in the same state as Betty. Mrs.Putnam starts to get ideas after seeing Betty. “Why that’s strange. Ours is open.”(Applebee et al. 172). The Putnam’s daughter’s eyes are open, unlike Betty’s , her eyes are closed like she is asleep. After visiting Betty Mrs.Putnam started blaming others for her children’s death. She continues contentious saying her children were killed from witchcraft. She doesn’t think of any other reason why her children died. “They were murdered, Mr.Parris! And mark this proof! Last night my Ruth were ever so close to their little spirits. Ruth is Mrs.Putnam’s daughter seen her siblings spirits. But in reality she didn’t Mrs.Putnam is just lying so people believe her as she feels

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